Woman Unable to Use Fingers After Cell Phone Binge

An urban woman in Changsha City of China was unable to use fingers after Cell Phone binge. Yes, the incident is a reflective of modern-day problems caused by too much use of cell phones. Read on for details.

China’s PearVideo shared a short video on Facebook describing the incident. According to it, the woman apparently took a week off from work and spent most of her time glued to her Smartphone. She took break only when she went to sleep at night. Consequently, the woman experienced severe pain in her right hand. In few days, her fingers on right hand became bent and stiffened. Her fingers locked in the smartphone-holding position; making her incapable of moving or stretching them.

Image of Woman Unable to Use Fingers After Cell Phone Binge

Unable to use fingers after Cell Phone binge, the Chinese woman consulted doctors. They revealed she was suffering from Tenosynovitis, an inflammation of the fluid-filled tendon sheath where muscle connects to bone. Common causes of the disease are injury, repetitive use and infection, leading to joint pain, swelling and stiffness. In the Chinese woman’s case, it was caused by repeated use of cell phone day after day. As a result of her Smartphone addiction, the woman had to seek treatment and physiotherapy at a hospital.

Image of the woman undergoing treatment in Hospital
The woman undergoing treatment in Hospital

Increased mobile phone use, on the other hand, has radiation effects on environment apart from health risks to humans.

Coming back to the incident, the woman from China, fortunately, regained normal movement in her hand after treatment. However, medical experts advise people to minimize the use of mobile phones as much as possible. Else, they also warn, the people who are addicted to their phones shall have to face such modern-day problems. So, better be careful on how and how much you are using your cell phones.

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