Losing Weight After Pregnancy

It is normal for you to gain weight during pregnancy and doctors sometimes say adding 25 to 35 pounds is OK. How much weight you add depends on a number of factors but getting back into shape after childbirth requires that you work at it. Patience is the key in losing weight after pregnancy because the process is not instant. Your feeding, exercise routines and some other activities influence how long it will take you to return to your weight before pregnancy.

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Getting your stomach to return to its original size, or close, is also part of the weight loss process and devices like Girdles are helpful in that regard. You will find the list of top post-partum girdles in 2018 useful in your quest to flatten that stomach post-childbirth.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in losing weight after pregnancy and getting back into shape. Remember, it’s a process.

Do Not Diet

This may sound odd but going on a diet after childbirth may be counterproductive to your desire to lose weight. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods while being stressed out by the new role of mothering the baby has been shown to cause mothers to actually gain weight. The key is to eat healthy and the added weight will come off naturally.

Well-balanced diet is good for you and your baby during this period and you can keep healthy snacks (like carrot stick, apple slices) in the house to keep hunger at bay. Note that dieting means you reduce your calorie intake which is not recommended for you because of your body and baby needs. Therefore, ensure you take in more than 1800 calories daily to meet both you and your baby’s nutrient needs.

Eat Super Foods

Super foods are foods that are rich in nutrients that your body needs and are light in fat and calories. Examples of super foods are fish (salmon, sardines, tuna), yoghurt, milk, lean meat, beans, chicken etc. As a nursing mother, these super foods are also great for your baby because they contain nutrients that help your baby develop a healthy nervous system and brain, strong bones, etc. An added benefit is that they keep you feeling full for long periods, thereby reducing your desire to eat.


Strength-training and aerobic exercises after pregnancy are essential for your weight loss because they help burn calories and make your bones and muscles strong. In addition to the weight loss benefits of exercise, it also helps combat depression and relieves stress, two challenges that virtually all nursing mothers face.

Note that your desire to exercise for losing weight after pregnancy does not mean hitting the gym straight after childbirth. That’s a stretch! Start slow by taking a brisk walk with your baby and you will find that it helps your heart pump blood and keeps your muscles working. A 20-minute to half-hour walk every day will do the magic. In case of any discomfort, remember to check with your doctor or medical professional and take their advice.

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A Mother Breastfeeding


Some studies have shown that breastfeeding helps mothers return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster because the activity involves the loss of calories. That weight-loss benefit of breastfeeding is an added advantage to the many health benefits that it has to the baby.

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