How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a common and age-old problem many adults face. The snorting, rattling and whistling sound is the result of obstructed air movement during breathing while asleep. It is usually caused by relaxation of the uvula and soft palate, which results in irregular airflow and vibrations.

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How to Stop Snoring

General Causes of Snoring

Stuffy Nose: Nasal congestion and few allergies result in inflammation of the nasal tissue. This condition forces mouth breathing during sleep which results in snoring.

Medical Conditions: Medical conditions like Deviated Septum and a low and thick soft palate narrow the airway inside mouth around the throat region.

Sleeping on your back: Lying on your back makes the tongue and soft palate relax to the back of the throat wall. It results in a deep, vibratory sound during sleep.

Overweight: Excessive weight gain results in narrowing of the airway again due to neck fat.

Sedatives and relaxants: Sedatives, muscle relaxants and some anti-depressants relax the throat muscles and the tongue resulting in snoring.

How to Stop It

Inhaling steam before you go to bed helps relieve nasal congestion. Check if you have any allergies causing snoring and reduce the causing agents in your environment. In case of inflammation, consult your doctor and get it treated. There are also some natural, Ayurvedic ways for same.

To keep your airways open and reduce snoring, you can use a comfortable pillow, or even raise the head of your bed by few inches.

If snoring is caused by an underlying medical problem or structural condition, you must get it treated by your doctor.

Sleeping on your side can reduce the possibility of snoring. To avoid sleeping on back, you may place a pillow or something like that makes you uncomfortable doing that in sleep.

Gaining extra weight can obstruct free respiratory airflow causing snoring. In such cases, it is good to reduce weight, by exercising regularly. Make the muscles in your throat and tongue stronger. Pranayama, a yoga asana dedicated to controlling your breathing, can relieve many sleep disorders including snoring.

Picture of Pranayama breathing exercise
Pranayama breathing exercise

Avoid alcohol and sedative medications before bedtime, as they can relax your muscles and obstruct airways leading to snoring. It’s also important to quit smoking, as it can cause respiratory irritation leading to snoring.

Last, but not least, it is important for you to maintain a consistent bedtime and wake time to promote good sleep.

Snoring causes disturbance not just to the snorers, but also to the people sleeping nearby. If it is not treated at early stages, it can become severe and lead to other conditions like excessive daytime sleeping, emotional upset, reduced mental function and relationship issues. So, considering these, it is wise to put in the right kind of efforts and get rid of your snoring.


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