Care Hospital Doctors Treat Dead Body for Money

Yes, in a well-known private medical service in Hyderabad, Care Hospital Doctors Treat Dead Body for Money. The horrible incident came into light after relatives of the deceased person protested outside the hospital in Banjara Hills. For two days, the doctors pretended to give treatment to the dead person and tried to gain money from the relatives in the form of medical bills.

Image of Amarnath Goud undergoing treatment in Care Hospital
Amarnath Goud undergoing treatment in Care Hospital

Care Hospital Doctors Treat Dead Body

On 31st July 2018 retired GHMC employee from Saroornagar, Amarnath Goud joined the Care Hospital with fever. After one-week treatment in ICU, he was shifted to regular ward and he even spoke to his relatives. But on 18th August, the doctors said his condition deteriorated and shifted him to ICU again. Since then the relatives were not allowed to see the patient, and the doctors started collecting money from them for various examinations and Dialysis. When they questioned why a fever patient needs Dialysis, the doctors said the patient’s body developed infections.

On 21st August, the relatives observed foul smell coming from the patient’s room. They did not understand what was happening inside ICU and got suspicious when the staff did not allow them to see the patient. They pushed aside the staff, went inside and saw in shock the body decomposed already. When asked about the death, the medical professionals tried to lie by saying the patient is not dead and that his Pulse and Blood Pressure levels are normal. The relatives went aghast at this.

Hospital Accepted Mistake

As a matter of fact, the patient Amarnath Goud died due to lack of proper treatment. He was shifted to ICU after he had blood motions, and his condition became critical. Having learnt this, the Care Hospital doctors treat dead body for money. They pretended giving treatment to the dead body for two days, before the relatives caught their conspiracy. Doctors told them the patient’s condition is critical and his blood needs to be sent to Mumbai for tests. They also told them to arrange money for same. The relatives said the doctors billed them up to 10 lacs for overall treatment in the hospital.

Image about Care Hospital Doctors Treat Dead Body for Money
Care Hospital Doctors Treat Dead Body for Money

The conspiracy of the doctors came into light after the relatives of the deceased patient went on to protest outside the hospital. Consequently, the hospital management came down to talk with the relatives. The doctors who treated the patient asked forgiveness of their relatives. They requested them not to make a scene of the death and said they were ready to do them any kind of help. The negligence of the medical professionals and their plot to extract money from the deceased person’s relatives is of course not pardonable. The relatives condemned the careless actions of the reputed hospital and demanded booking criminal cases on them.


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