Be Aware of Hot Pressed and Cold Pressed Oils

Most of you are aware, the oils we use in our everyday cooking are extracted from seeds, vegetables, fruits and nuts. However, not many know, the way the oils are extracted has a direct effect on the nutrient value they offer, and how they taste in our food. Hot Pressed and Cold Pressed Oils are generally the two kinds that do make a difference in our cooking and for our health.

Hot Pressed Oils

While making hot pressed oils, heat and pressure are used to extract the oil. Heat application makes the seeds soft, breaking them and allowing easy extraction of larger quantities of oil. However,the heat can degrade the oil’s flavor, aroma and nutritional content (quality). Commercially, machines are used to generate heat and pressure to press the seeds and extract maximum hot-pressed oils.

Picture about Hot Pressed and Cold Pressed Oils: Hot Press Machinery
Hot Pressed and Cold Pressed Oils: Hot Press Machinery

Cold Pressed Oils

A traditional method of oil pressing involves crushing the seeds or nuts and forcing out the oil, albeit in lesser quantities. Typically, the (wooden) machinery used in making cold pressed oils produces some amount of friction and heat, but it is not enough to damage the oil. Cold press methods produce higher quality oils than hot pressed ones, and retain their natural, biological properties.

In addition to quality of oil extracted, some oils do not react to heat well and they degrade. Due to which they are extracted with low-heat techniques in the first place. Examples of such oils are Sesame oil whicch mostly contains unsaturated fat. For that reason, they are not used in cooking, and work better when drizzled over finished product. Moreover, Cold-pressed Sesame oil smells and tastes good. Apart from that, scientific studies suggest that cold pressed oils are superior in terms of potential health benefits. For instance, a study published in January 2014 showed cold-pressed Canola oil had the lowest amount of Polyphenols, while the traditional refining process (hot press) resulted in almost complete removal of the Polyphenols.

Cold Pressed Oil

Due to the aforementioned quality concerns between Hot Pressed and Cold Pressed Oils, extraction of oils using cold press methods is highly recommended. So, it is wise to check and incorporate the use of same kind of oils in our everyday cooking. Not to forget, oils of any kind should be used sparingly.


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