2,060kg Spurious Paneer Seized in Punjab

Paneer is a fresh cheese dairy product in use as tasty food in the Indian subcontinent. In general, it is made by curdling milk with a vegetable-derived acid like lemon juice. Food lovers often indulge in eating it during festive season. But these days keeping food safety and health reasons in mind, it’s important what quality of Paneer you are feeding into your body.

Image of Palak Paneer Dish
Palak Paneer Dish

Officials suspected an illegal factory in Mohali is producing Spurious Paneer using Detergent and Urea processed with Sulphuric Acid. A joint team of Health Department, Police and Progressive Dairy Farmers Association raided the factory and ended up in shock.

Spurious Paneer Seized

During early hours of 21st August 2018, the raid in the illegal manufacturing unit at Ballo Majra village of Mohali surprised the officials. They found 2,060kg of Spurious Paneer, 120 liters of Sulphuric Acid, 3,375kg of Skimmed Milk powder and other dairy products like Butter and Khoya. The Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration in Punjab, K S Pannu said the factory in Mohali was producing spurious paneer. It was in fact operating without any license and the manufacturing unit was also unhygienic.

Image of 2,060kg Spurious Paneer Seized in Punjab Illegal Factory
2,060kg Spurious Paneer Seized in Punjab Illegal Factory

Police arrested the owner Ashok Kumar, sealed the illegal factory and registered a case for food adulteration and cheating. The spurious and adulterated dairy products were supplied to some local colonies and restaurants and dhabas at Pinjore, Kalka, Rajpura and Panchkula. Shown below is a video of The Times of India reporting the incident. Notably, the health officials also found spurious and substandard paneer and other dairy products in couple of other raided places in Punjab.

Food adulteration has unfortunately become a big business, not just in Punjab but also in other places around world. The people involved only care for their business profits. They are unmindful of how the adulterated food can harm humans who consume it. With this in mind, the officials proposed strict amendments in the Food Safety Act to deal adulteration in tough ways. Consumers on the other hand, must be watchful of what they are eating and take care of their food safety.


2,060kg of paneer made with sulphuric acid seized
Don’t say cheese: 2,000kg spurious paneer seized in Mohali, unit owner arrested

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